Northwest Trip, Part One (Week Forty-Nine with Vianne)

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, April 5, 2013 10:12 PM

March 11 - 17
Vianne "helping" me pack for another trip to Oregon! She & I headed north together on Wednesday (Patrick had to stay home to work) for a week with my family.

My snapshots of the trip are a bit random & scant, but nonetheless...First stop, the closest family to the airport - Aunt Emily's house - where cousin David & Aunt Vera and Grandma were waiting, too! Vianne acclimated pretty quickly to the adoring fans.
The next day at Grandma's house: 4 kids within 2 years on 1 activity center :-D

 Aunts & Nieces Time!

Love from cousin Margot
 David's adorable surprised face!
This was the first trip where Vianne was really big enough to play with the other kids.  She had so much fun playing with Grandma's toys with her cousins.

David introduced Vianne to Hot Wheels!

Meeting of the four little people in the laundry room...
 Vianne loves to explore Grandma's kitchen cabinets!

 A visit to the Storeys house where Miriam gave V's lamb coat a try-on
 Grandma snuggles!
We missed Patrick/Daddy a lot so we kept in touch by Skype.  Unfortunately, the audio wasn't working on our end (is it just me or is something always wrong with Skype?) so we had to use the cell phone, too. Vianne lit up when she saw Daddy's face on the screen!  Grandma snapped these cute pictures...


 Vianne had never seen one of these xylophone toys before...
 ...and she wasn't so sure of it...but after a little bit, she was making music all on her own!

Sunday was St. Patrick's Day!  We sure missed Daddy that day, but we tried to be festive anyway.  I got to lead worship at Two Rivers that morning, which was wonderful!  Here's Vianne in her shamrock attire...such a cutie!

St. Patrick's Day is also Bea's birthday - so the Blairs hosted a birthday party that night for Bea - and for the other two March birthday girls, Emily & Rachael.

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