Vianne Rose: One Year Old!

Posted by Amy O. , Wednesday, April 17, 2013 7:55 PM

We are doing our best to come to terms with the fact that our baby girl is now a one year old!  We daily marvel at this little person who seems to have taken on "toddler" with a vengeance - and in the blink of an eye.  She is hilarious and delightful and we praise God for 365 days with her so far and all the days with her to come!

Vianne at One:
~ She weighs about 19.5 lbs and is about 30" tall (as of her 12 month check-up on 4/18). 
~ Her current favorite foods are peaches, broccoli, bananas, peas & carrots, and macaroni & cheese.
~ She loves music, both listening & playing (xylophone and keyboard, of late). Her favorite songs are "Jesus Loves Me", "Old McDonald Had A Farm", and "Sur Le Pont d'Avignon".
~ She loves books, just like her Daddy! Especially Sandra Boynton's classics and the Baby Einstein mini-board books.
~ She still does not have any teeth (and not a lot of hair to speak of) but she's walking like a pro!
~ She is increasingly recognizing words, that is to say, if you ask her "Where is ______?", she will look at the person or find the thing.  She's known Mama & Daddy for awhile now, but also knows Grandma, Grandpa, water, baby, ladybug (pillow), train (we live very close to one) and some others.
~ She is very silly and funny and makes almost everything into a game these days.  One of her favorites is, if someone's bare feet are exposed, to walk up and try to suck their toes.  She does this to both Mama & Daddy and even sometimes to Joel & Jesse.  This of course grosses me out - so I always yell "Blech, blech, blech, yucky yucks, etc..." and she laughs and laughs.
~ She signs "More" (by clapping) and sometimes "Dog".
~ She is definitely a nature girl!  She loves being outdoors, loves it when Grandpa comes and takes her for walks around the neighborhood, and when Mama takes her for walks in the stroller.
~ She is a great traveler both by car and plane, for the most part.
~ She still is not a big fan of sleeping, but it's getting better.
~ We are thrilled that her blue eyes have stayed.  They are gorgeous.  She gets these from Grandpa O. and seems to also get left-handedness from him.  It may be too soon to tell, but she's definitely favoring the left hand (when eating, etc.).

And now, for the cuteness...this is the photo shoot we did on her birthday in her ladybug dress from our friend Jane, and rocking chair from our friend Becky.

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Rebekah Says:

You always get the best looks from her! And I'm glad you got a close-up of the shoes. So cute. Happy birthday Vianne!

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