Vianne's 5th Birthday ~ Beauty and the Beast Party in Sacramento

Posted by Amy O. , Wednesday, September 27, 2017 7:49 PM

The first order of business for the Beauty and the Beast party was getting a picture for the invitations...

In the end, we went with this super sweet one. <3
Vianne's 5th birthday fell on a Saturday this year. The Odens came up from SoCal to celebrate with us.  I made her favorite, French toast, for breakfast.
We did family gifts before the party...

Preview of their party garb...Vianne as Belle, of course, and Oliver as a prince!

Current favorite movie (tied w/ Beauty & the Beast)


The guests were invited for an evening party with a burrito dinner (Vianne's favorite) and cake & homemade ice cream for dessert.  Friends from church and dance class came (William & Kaliyan, Addi & Elli, Reese & Taylor, Ezra, Celeste & Carter, and Mia)!


Belle cake

I confess, I had a lot of fun with the decorations...

Rose in a glass (pickle jar)
 Plate/fork Eiffel Tower...after all, this is France!
 Vianne made a decoration of her own!
 For entertainment, we had blue & yellow playdough...
...a stained glass window to color...

 (Before, During, After)
...and pin the tassel on the footstool.

 Party favors
Vianne rushed in from saying goodbye to all the guests afterwards and exclaimed,
"I had a WONDERFUL birthday!"
Sometimes that's just all you need to keep chugging along on this journey of parenthood.
Especially when then she won't be serious for one single photo with family :-D.

More presents saved for the next day from Oregon family & friends!