Oregon Trip - June 2017

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, July 15, 2017 6:20 PM

The main event of our June was a trip up to Oregon for the exciting event of Justin & Sierra's wedding (whom Patrick & I match-made) in which Vianne would make her flower girl debut.  The wedding being in Oregon meant the added bonus of family time for us as well!

This time, we split up the journey into two days and spent a night in Ashland where we made great memories having the hotel swimming pool all to ourselves!

 June 2017 Shasta

 Swung by Salem for another stamp in the McMenamin's passport

Happily back at Grandma's

Vianne became quite proficient at SkipBo!

Picnic at the Hsiehs

A stop at Sunnyside for another stamp in the passport.
We visited the new Canby library for the first time!
And for the MAIN EVENT (still pinching myself that these two are a couple!)...
the rehearsal the night before...

You know a wedding is going to be awesome 
when the flower girl & the ringbearer get in a light saber duel.

Vianne took her role so (adorably) seriously.  Practicing here.

And the BIG DAY...I photographed the details while we waited for everything to start.
One of the most creative, lovely, thoughtful weddings I've ever attended, for sure!

A little chilly for a June day.

At this point, the ringbearer's mom Erin & I were ready to arrange the marriage.
They were fast friends & so cute together, coloring and making each other laugh 
while they waited.

The beautiful, beaming bride!
Ballet feet & souls unite!
These two.

And you see how the sun emerged just for the ceremony?
A blessing that did not go unnoticed by any of us!!

Oh, my heart! So proud of our girl...
...and of our matchmaking skills! :-D

The picnic basket dinner was one of the most amazing things
I've ever seen at a wedding!

And the ice cream truck! Oh la la!

S'mores by the campfire, if you so desire

Flower girl gift: Grace, the American Girl Doll who lives in Paris!
What an amazing event & an amazing union!  What a gift to be used by God to introduce two of them, and then to get to be such a special part of their gorgeous, spiritual wedding that God was clearly smiling on, perhaps even bigger than mine ;-D.  Every thought of it makes my heart leap for joy.

Fortunately, the dates of our trip fell when Jaime was having a wedding shower
so I was thrilled to get to be a part of that as well!

A bit more cousin bonding before heading back south.
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