June 2017

Posted by Amy O. , Wednesday, July 12, 2017 11:36 AM

I feel like June has brought us to a really sweet spot with the kiddos.  Maybe it's because I love summer, I'm not sure, but general anxieties feel farther off than normal, and everybody's sleeping a bit better than ever before...the kids get up and watch TV while we often linger in bed a bit, then they have breakfast, and then there's this usually-calm period for an hour or two where they're content to play either alone or together, and I can drink my coffee and get some stuff done.

Oliver is racing towards three, but somehow the terrible two tantrums and other manifestations seem to have calmed decidedly.  Not nearly as many time-outs and kicking the walls and hitting episodes, and especially this month, a lot more snuggles and silly jokes and kisses and sweet sayings.  I'm trying to savor this time, when he says ti-VEE for TV and waw-ner for water and milt for milk and deal for girl, and Wonder Woman's invisible jet is the veezle jet, and all these other cutenesses that I know will likely be gone in a year's time.  But who knows?  Vianne still says free for three and ignoying for annoying, among other mispronunciations, so maybe it will be awhile longer.

Other cute things Oliver says: He made up his own contraction for will not. He says willn't. And plurals are evolving...currently we have hug-ses (hugs) and ourself-ses (ourselves) and other cutenesses.

Vianne is really into Supergirl and Star Wars right now and Oliver is really into Tom the Tow Truck & friends, Super Why!,  and still loves his old favorites Paw Patrol and Creative Galaxy, as well as Wizard of Oz.  He likes to ask to watch something and then change his mind about five minutes in, so we change shows a lot.  Both kids have been singing a lot lately (which often turns into a battle about who gets to sing first) but they love to sing Beauty and the Beast songs and both have a hilarious rendition of Be Our Guest's lyrics.  Vianne often launches into very operatic self-composed songs, which frankly we can't get enough of, and while Oliver often sings bedtime favorites like "He Lives," "Oil In My Lamp," and story time favorites like "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes," he's also written a few himself, like "Oliver is a boy, boy, boy.  Mama is a deal, deal, deal." :-D

I'm still captioning videos like a madwoman, about 20 hours a week, and I'm starting to wonder if the kids really have gotten less needy or what the heck did I do with this 20 hours before?  We all know it wasn't cleaning the house, which remains at the same level of perpetual disaster.  I was a bit better at keeping up the blog, I know that. I also finished my Paris themed cross-stitch project this month, which was a big deal since I've been working on it during TV in the evenings a few evenings a week for about two years now.

Patrick finished up his spring courses and began a summer course for Fuller, and began the pack up his office on Del Paso and move into our "guest room" as the campus finally surrendered their rented space as the campus moves further toward closing down.

We had quite a heat wave in June and spent a lot of time in & being thankful for the pool & accessories that Grampa sent!

My finished project!
More pool time!

Oliver had his first major hair trim.  It might have been because it was so hot & his head was super sweaty all the time. It might have been because I tried to trim it with the little trimmer and completely botched his hair. I'll never tell. In any case, he was super brave for the electric trimmer!

And more pool time!

Sporting the Captain America costume he got from Ian!