Vianne's First Birthday - Home Edition - The Day Of

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, April 20, 2013 9:15 PM

On Vianne's actual birthday, we had a simple celebration at home, just the three of us.  It was a Monday, which is always awkward for birthdays so while Daddy went to work Vianne & Mama sang Happy Birthday about 46 times, blew up balloons to play with, and did her 1 year photo shoot.  When he got home, we did something very special - we all sat down to dinner together!  (Usually Vianne eats about 5:30 and we eat about 8:00.)  And it was lovely out, so we ate outside! Vianne had a recent favorite, macaroni & cheese, among other things, and Mama & Daddy enjoyed some French Dip sandwiches in her honor :-).
After dinner, she had a little Happy Birthday spazz-out with Daddy...
... and then we had some mini-cupcakes.  Vianne once again preferred the cake to the frosting - she threw the whole clump of frosting onto the ground :-).

Then we took some pictures with our sweetie...

 And then we opened presents!  She got this musical push toy from Grandma Gustafson.
From Mama & Daddy: Winnie the Pooh Stacking Honey Pots

 A Ladybug Pillow

 A Wheaton T-shirt :-)


 Silly Songs & Winnie the Pooh movies

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