Easter 2013

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, April 8, 2013 11:15 AM

I wanted to do something special for our sweet Easter baby - and carry on a family tradition - so I made her an Easter dress!  What with the trip to Oregon and everything else going on, it was a little crazy trying to get it done - but I did (the day before), it was fun to sew something (it's been awhile) - and it turned out cute, if I do say so myself :-) !


Vianne got some fun gifts from Grandma Gustafson...a hen who lays eggs...

 ...and an egg-shaped book that told the story of Easter!

The book inspired a sermon...

I did very poorly at taking pictures from this point forward.  Patrick & I were dressed up, too - but no family shots!  We had a lovely morning at church, enjoying the Easter breakfast they put on and the service.  Easter is already a day for great rejoicing, but it felt all the more special this year, thinking back on last year when sweet Vianne came into our family - so our hearts were doubly happy!

We had a wonderful lunch out with Patrick's family and then opened Easter gifts at our place afterwards.  Vianne got lots of cute things from Granma & Grandpa...but her Mama only got one picture...with her cute Buttercup baby doll! She also got a Leap Frog picnic basket, which she's been playing with constantly since, and some cute new outfits.

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Emily Blair Says:

Um, that Easter dress is ADORABLE! Nicely done, Amy.

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