Week Fifty-One with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, April 8, 2013 11:10 AM

March 25-31
The beginning of the week, we were still in Oregon.  Here's Vianne in her cute new outfit from Grandma, one of her birthday presents!
We took a trip to Great Grandma's house but Vianne was being very shy and wouldn't let her hold her.  She warmed up a little when she brought out these toys...but these aren't just any toys!  This is Grandma Gustafson's box of blocks that me, my siblings, & our cousins played with all our childhood when we would visit Grandma - and I would venture to guess all of her great grandchildren have played with them now, too.  So this photo captures Vianne partaking in a rite of passage :-).
After that, we dropped by to see the Blairs one more time...
Our little biker ballerina :-)

On Tuesday, we flew back to California.  We had a busy week to follow: babysitting Joel & Jesse on Wednesday, Patrick's oral defense of his dissertation on Thursday, and Easter on Sunday!  But in some of our down time, Vianne got to play with her new birthday presents from her Oregon party.  She was a bit suspicious of this doll (her first) from Grandma for the first couple days...but then I caught her giving it some love. :-)

Uncle Geoff & Aunt Vera gave her a xylophone of her very own, which she loves!

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