Dissertation Update: A Doctor in the (Oden) House!

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, April 8, 2013 1:40 PM

The big happy news around here, which still seems far too good to be true, is that Patrick has...

1) heard back from all three readers of his dissertation - and they all approved it! (March 15)  We celebrated with balloons at the airport when Patrick came to Oregon - and a stop by McMenamins :-).

2) scheduled his oral defense for March 28

3) had his oral defense with Dr. Karkkainen & Dr. Dyrness - and me!  I got to attend thanks to the loving care of Vianne's Grandpa who watched her for several hours for us.

4) passed his oral defense, thus officially passing his dissertation - and not only passing, but the special honor by unanimous vote of his three readers of passing with distinction! I was so happy to be there to hear all the wonderful things that his professors had to say about his dissertation, his scholarship, and his future in academia.

This is my handsome doctor just after turning the official approval form into the CATS office, making him officially a PhD in Theology, with a minor in Church History!!!  Do you see the relief on his face, the joy in his eyes, the burden lifted from his shoulders??


5) The next step was to print copies to be bound, which Patrick did and turned in by the following Wednesday.  And now, it is finished!!  

All he has to do now is relax 'til graduation in June.  Which he can do a little easier now, with his new dissertation-approval hammock :-).

Okay, not all he has to do...he is teaching five classes right now (if that sounds like a lot, it is).  But maybe the grading & preparation will be a bit more enjoyable if he does it from the hammock.

We're so excited to celebrate his enormous accomplishment this June at the hooding & graduation at Fuller.  I could not be more proud of how he has persevered in this program for five years - and done not only efficient but excellent work throughout! 

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Marie Says:

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!
Praise Him for Patrick and all of his perseverance, focus, faith and writing skills! Bravo and so happy for you, Dr. Patrick Oden! And I love the two who came alongside, (Amy and Vianne) who cheered your heart... Also, that hammock is a happy find and fitting place to rest your weary bones and brain!

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