Week Fifty-Two with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Thursday, April 11, 2013 1:24 PM

April 1-7

We got a fabulous new stroller this week - it's like an umbrella stroller on steroids - so Vianne & I took it out on a test drive.  Seems to do the trick ;-).
We got to hang out with the boys two days this week!  I tried real hard to get three smiles at once...but Miss Frowny wouldn't oblige me.
The Sitters Club :-)...and Vianne, the Sophie Hoarder...
Patrick had the brilliant idea of getting out the keyboard this week!  She LOVES playing it, especially with Daddy there. She got accustomed to playing piano while up in Oregon at Grandma's and Aunt Emily's houses and then when we were back in California, realized that was what Rachelle had in her living room, too - so often delights the boys & I with a little music.  But she's especially crazy about the keyboard, what with all its buttons to push and special sounds that accompany her tinkling.

For a few weeks now, Vianne has started to make her own games out of things.  For example, this one (pictured below) from the last few days, which we call "The Back Game".  If an adult is sitting on the ground, she finds it hilarious to go stand behind them and pat their back.  Then the adult needs to turn around and surprise her with a sound like "Boo!" (if the adult does not comply, she walks around to catch their eye & remind them), and then after a couple-second delay, she giggles.  This is played any and every time an adult is seated on the floor.  If said adult backs up against something like the couch or wall or other piece of furniture where Vianne cannot get in between the object & the adult from behind, she will let them know immediately that this is unacceptable by pushing on their shoulder to get them to move forward. :-)
Vianne helping Daddy christen his new hammock

On Sunday, our little Miss turned 52 weeks old (one day shy of one year).  I can't get enough of her in this flowered dress.  I took a few special pictures of her in her Grandpa Gustafson's recliner to commemorate the day - April 7 - eleven years since he left us for Heaven.

And more with the keyboard (now, a daily occurrence).

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