Week Forty-Eight with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Tuesday, March 12, 2013 6:51 PM

March 4 - 10

Vianne passes up the board books for some theological reading by her favorite writer...

Getting so big.  :::sob:::
Little sheep, fast asleep...(we encourage naps however we can get them)
When we go for walks with the stroller, this is always my favorite part: when she turns and smiles up at me behind her! :-D
It was a gorgeous weekend here in SoCal and we all enjoyed it out on the back porch.  I'm not quite ready to let her loose on the cement so we employed the pack n' play to contain her.

On Saturday, we celebrated Mom/Granma Oden's birthday!  Vianne loves her Granma sooooo much & literally squeals with delight whenever she sees her.  She loves Saturdays because that's almost always the day we see Granma!
Reading with Daddy
"See this new book I got from Granma?  It's shaped like a little lamb!"

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Marie Says:

I LOVE our Vianne Rose so so much and I squeal with delight when I see HER! She touches my every moment and turns it to delight. Our darling Baby Vianne is used of God! She cheers, encourages, makes us laugh and sing; and in effect proclaims: God is so good! We praise HIM for Vianne Rose!

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