Week Forty-Six with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, March 1, 2013 6:26 PM

About 11 months ago, a whole lotta ladies we know were pregnant and we were watching one by one as they announced the arrival of their little ones.  Now it's funny to see this same set of ladies one by one announce that these kiddos are starting to walk!  Well, Vianne is - as of the very last day of her 46th week of life - now in that club, too!  She still has no teeth, but she's walking!!

Fortunately, she's actually pretty timid about it so our lives haven't changed all that dramatically...yet.  We're not so naive to think that this will continue, but we're enjoying it this week.

It was very cute how the first steps happened.  All week she had been working on her balance while standing and both of us witnessed a few attempts at a step or two.  But we weren't ready to call it.  On Sunday afternoon, I was gone for about 3 1/2 hours at a baby shower for our friend Jaimie, and I told Patrick that Vianne better not start walking while I was gone.  Well, I got home from the shower and Vianne was delighted to see me so of course I picked her up to smother her in kisses.  But I also needed to put some leftovers in the fridge so I set her down (standing) to go do that...but she did NOT want to be put down so she let out a cry and then took four steps towards me!!  Happily, Patrick was sitting right there, too, so we got to witness it together.

It is such a crazy, weird thing to watch a baby turn into a toddler before your eyes.  You wish you could reach out and somehow make it stop, but you're so proud and excited about each new thing they do at the same time, and so curious about the person they're becoming, that if you could, you wouldn't really stop it after all.

I am trying to do, though, all I find that I can do: to savor each day, take in all of her wonderfulness, and whisper continual thanks to heaven for this immeasurable privilege of getting to be entrusted with her care.

All right, enough of the mushy Mama stuff...and onto the photographic cuteness!

This week's snapshots were all about taking advantage of (rare) moments when Vianne was still.

Working on her standing...

 I snapped this one to capture the signature Vianne Rose Eye Rub.  Eye Rub = tired, hungry, or both
Still crazy about her books!

This is Vianne watching the video of her singing while Grandma G. plays the piano.

Speaking of Grandma G., Vianne loves the pop-up toy she gave her for Christmas!
A less blurry standing shot...
More books!
This photo of her "reading" Brian Andreas' "Such Small Things" now has a fun story attached to it.  It was so cute that I had to send it in to the StoryPeople crew, who are known to be a funny & friendly bunch.  They loved it and wrote back, asking to post it on their Facebook page.  Last time I checked, she had about 165 likes :-).
Blurry. But SO CUTE.
Vianne loves to play with our water bottles.

This week we received our annual letter from our dear friends the Maillard family from Montauban.  Vianne was very interested in all their news! :-)
On Friday, we laid to rest Patrick's maternal grandfather. In their younger days, his grandparents started a Bible Institute for Mexicans wanting to become pastors, ministers, and missionaries, which still exists today.  So the memorial service was held at the Institute and it was nice to finally see this place which had been such a huge part of Patrick's family's life.  Vianne also got to meet her Great Uncle Neal & Great Aunt Reva. Here are some sweet pictures of Vianne with Granma Oden following the service.

And here's a video of her on Sunday, cruising along the couch.  I took it to capture how close she was to walking - having no idea at the time she'd be doing it later that day!

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Emily Blair Says:

I want to snuggle her.

Marie Says:

Granma O loves you sooooooo much, Vianne Rose!!
Seventeen hugs and kisses from me to you!!

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