Week Forty-Five with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Thursday, February 21, 2013 4:09 PM

This week we both had & captured an iconic childhood moment...Vianne found the Kleenex!  We found this very amusing as she pulled out one by one!  She was so amazed that they just kept coming & coming!
I didn't (once again) do so well in the photo department this week, except for Thursday, which was Valentine's Day, and Friday, which we are calling Family Fun Day.  This semester, Patrick only teaches in the classroom on Mondays & Wednesdays, which leaves three whole days at home with V & I.  Our family life last fall (with him going to campus every weekday) was largely all work & no play so when we got back from Oregon, I insisted that we start intentionally seeking out some family fun.  Well, January was sacrificed on the altar of the almighty dissertation, and the first Friday of February, I got sick.  So, what with the inevitabilities of life, we are trying to keep low expectations for Family Fun Day.  There are only two rules: 1) We must physically leave the house, and 2) We must do something fun.  So finally, last Friday, we left the house, had Chick-Fil-A for lunch (Patrick had never been and I hadn't been since Clackamas Town Center housed one) and then, since the nearest one is in Upland, we enjoyed the beautiful sunshine at nearby McCarthy Park afterwards.

Getting down & dirty...

I know.  A lot of almost identical photos.  BUT THEY'RE ALL SO CUTE. #I'mThatMom

Since we didn't bring her walker toy, Vianne improvised with her stroller.  She made Daddy walk around & around & around...

She loved being let loose in the grass, but still employed this wacky crawl. Usually this is reserved for dress-wearing. And have no fear, folks: No actual grass, leaves, or dirt was consumed in the making of this film.

The trees in the background aren't doing the ladies' hair any favors...but these family shots are still cute :-).

Patrick's artistic shot
My sweet girl :-)
Daddies are the best playthings!

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