Loads of Love: Vianne's First Valentine's Day

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, February 15, 2013 10:35 AM

Our sweet little Valentine!  You have exponentially multiplied the love in our house and our hearts delight in you more than words & gifts can express.  We only thought we knew love until we met you :-).

 Adorable outfit & socks from Grandma Gustafson
Her "Cupig" (he sings & dances!) from Granma & Grandpa Oden

 "MMMM, chocolate!" (Don't worry, folks, only let her hold them, not eat them.)
 Gifts from Mama & Daddy
 A "Je t'aime" cup that is too advanced for her but that Mama couldn't pass up...
...and a sweet book, "It's Time To Sleep, My Love".

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