Week Forty-Two with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, February 16, 2013 7:41 PM

This week Vianne tried out some hand-me-down overalls from the Blairs, and I just couldn't get enough of her in them!  So adorable!

Once again, "helping" Mama with the laundry.  It takes four times as long to get it put away, but help this cute is hard to refuse.

This is the week Vianne began showing signs that she'd been bit by the silly bug.  She's never paid much attention to her floor mat since it lost its bars & hanging toys, and since she became too mobile for it, and she never ever lies down as an act of her own will - but on this day, our little comedienne hilariously flopped herself down on the floor mat while she was crawling and found it quite amusing.  So did her stunned Mama, who had to document it to believe it.

 Having a snack at Joel & Jesse's house...

Sweet Joel...
 ...and his adorable sidekick Jesse
The Three Amigos :-)
The boys are four months younger than Vianne, but the same size as her!
 Vianne was very intrigued by the boys' exersaucers!
This was also the week when V began showing a marked interest in her books.  Before she largely ignored them or chewed on their corners, but now she spends a lot of time holding them, flipping them over, and carefully turning the pages.  It's so cute!!  Here with two of her favorites, Barnyard Dance...
 ...and You Are My Sunshine (the illustrator, Caroline Jayne Church, is a new favorite of mine).
Saturday was Grandpa Oden's birthday so V wore her new "party dress" - a Christmas gift from the Blairs.  It was a little cold so she had to pair it with some black pants - and, a party necessity, sparkly pink shoes!

Playing with Daddy through the back door

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