Update on Patrick's PhD: The Dissertation Is Finished!

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, February 4, 2013 1:47 PM

Patrick faithfully & diligently finished the writing of his dissertation in mid-January and promptly got the 'thumbs up' from his supervisor to officially submit it for approval! He was itching to get it in immediately, but I insisted that he give me the time to read through it, as I had read & edited every other paper of his PhD program so far, but with hands full of Vianne, I hadn't managed to find the time to get through the dissertation. So we made good use of the go-pod and the grandparents to entertain the kiddo, and, over the weekend, used every spare moment to read, read, read!

Then he printed out three copies (over 300 pages each)

...and on Thursday, January 24, we made a special family trip to Fuller to submit it to the CATS office!  (It was a rainy day, so he employed this trusty weather-proof bin to protect it.) 

Now it's out of his hands and into the hands of three scholars (two Fuller professors that Patrick has been working with, and one who is unknown to us until s/he approves it) who have six weeks to read it through and get back to Patrick with an approval, a resubmit (more work and/or revisions need to be done), or a disapproval (have to throw it out & start from scratch). 

We're - of course - praying for the first option as we wait out the next few weeks!

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Marie Says:

Praying WITH you for the first option! We're so proud of Patrick's perseverance and expertise and writing theology ~ and, the on-going help and cheer that you and Vianne bestow! xxoo

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