Christmas 2012: Part Two (Week Thirty-Seven continued)

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, January 25, 2013 11:29 AM

Our second part of Christmas was the Sunday before Christmas; we had our own little family "Christmas morning" before leaving for Oregon the next day.  And although the photographic evidence does not support this claim, Patrick & I were both physically present at the occasion.  Seems I've heard before that holidays get a bit kidcentric...;-)

Full stockings hung by the chimney with care...

 Baby treats & a French CD!

 Time for presents!

 "What do I do with this?!"
 Enlisting help from Daddy

 New blocks!  These look like fun!

 Now for this big one here...

 This looks like fun, too!

 And so does the box it came in!

That's it for the picture portion of our morning.  We let V enjoy her toys while Patrick & I exchanged fun gifts - and then made a lovely, fattening breakfast to devour, in true feasting spirit.  Most of the rest of the day was packing for our trip, but we also took a break to hear our friend Rachelle sing at a service that evening!

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