New Year's 2012/2013 (Week Thirty-Nine with Vianne)

Posted by Amy O. , Wednesday, February 13, 2013 7:30 PM

Since we hadn't spent a New Year's in Oregon since before we were married, we decided to stay & celebrate this year.  We had a fun family party at Geoff's house on New Year's Eve.  I didn't get great pictures, but here are a few snapshots.

Mini-party-goers: David (love that he's holding a red Solo cup...this party is ON!), Vianne & Margot (they showed up in the same dress, how embarrassing ;-)! )
The following is a series of me trying to get a decent picture of her in the adorable party dress.
"Mom, I will not stand still, I'm trying to enjoy the party!"

 Following Margot into the kitchen
 "Seriously, Mom?  You're still at it?"

 Employing Daddy to hold the wiggle worm still...

For her first New Year's Day, Vianne gave a very inspiring sermon...

Then we took advantage of yet another surprisingly clear & sunny (albeit freezing cold) day, and met the Storeys up at Rocky Butte, an amazing lookout in Portland.  The views of Mount Hood & Mount St. Helens were breathtaking - or was that the frigid temperature?

We are trying to smile.  We are very cold!
Afterwards, we made a quick visit to see (Great) Grandma Gustafson.
And a few more shots of our week in Oregon, hanging out at Mom's house...playing with new Christmas toys...

The princess in her new pajamas
All bundled up for a walk with Grandma
We celebrated our fourth anniversary, chronicled in a different post, and the next day - all too soon - it was back to PDX to fly to California again!

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