Vianne Rose: Ten Months Old

Posted by Amy O. , Wednesday, February 13, 2013 3:14 PM

Pretend with me that these were taken on the day she turned ten months old, when I was actually sick on the couch, and not over the course of the next two days and more than a few photo shoot attempts. Vianne's adorable ten month self is far too mobile & wiggly & explorative these days to tolerate her Mama's monthly photo shoots.  You can see I employed things like her crib and high chair to try to contain her.

Vianne has become such a little clown the past few weeks and we are perpetually laughing & smiling these days.  She loves to squeal & giggle and finds so much delight at discovering the attributes of every single object within her reach, especially if they make a sound when she bangs on them or shakes them.  She loves to be silly, finds the funny in everything, and entertains herself constantly - and by extension, us.  She still doesn't find much use for sleep during the day, but is such a happy kid, it's not hard to put up with her constant awakedness :-). 

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Emily Blair Says:

That second picture in the crib is SO great!

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