Valentine's Day 2018

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , Thursday, February 15, 2018 4:45 PM

The long-awaited holiday, which Oliver has been asking about since Christmas, has come to pass.  Patrick and I don't do much for this day, and this year was no exception, mostly because we are very sick with ferocious head colds at the moment.  But we pulled out some fun for the kids, nonetheless.

 Glowing headbands...turns out, not the brightest (see what I did there?) idea for a daytime holiday.
Treats from Aunt Jenny

It was a big year for us...the first year that Vianne could read conversation hearts all by herself!
Lots of love loot!
Special treats for her teachers.
Off to her first Valentine's Day as a school kid
 Her Valentine mailbox we decorated the week before..
 And then back home again with her mailbox packed full of gifts from her classmates!
The chocolate on her face testifying to her already having sampled some of the contents...
Heart pizza for dinner (olive half for the kids :-) )
Look & Find Star Wars book from Grandma - can you find Vianne? :-D