Oliver Patrick: Twenty-Two Months Old

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , Wednesday, June 1, 2016 6:23 PM

I really can't decide whether there has been an increase in cuteness lately, or if it's just because I see my baby boy morphing into a big boy before my eyes and it makes me notice more acutely, but Oliver is just like an overflowing fountain of cuteness these days. He is so sweet and cuddly and perceptive, and he melts my heart at least 17 times a day, so basically I'm just a big puddle all the time.  

He realized last month that there was something to this talking thing, and this month it's just been this huge explosion of language; it seems his vocabulary has gone from about 30 words to 300, and there's no word or phrase he won't try to say, which is amazing at times and hilarious at others.  One of Vianne's favorite new games (which he also loves) is teaching Oliver words and phrases - she has him pronounce each syllable carefully.  This should get especially amusing when she starts teaching him words she still doesn't say right ;-D.

He also started saying "Yeah" this month, which is his first affirmative response word, and really, as you can imagine, has revolutionized life and communication.  He now answers "Yeah" to almost every question, and I can't get over the cuteness.

He is playing contentedly on his own more & more and often one toy will entertain him for upwards of 15 minutes, which is nice for me accomplishing some tasks, and also nice to see these toys getting some attention!  He especially loves the Playskool elephant that teaches letters and phonics, the dog guitar, the Little People school, and his set of tractors.  Books remain his very favorite thing of all, though, and often we've read three or four before the clock has struck 7:00 a.m.  

He started opening doors this month, is braving new tricks/heights at the playground, went to the nursery at church for like four whole weeks in a row without crying, and entertains the other brothers at dance class every week.  He also has been picking out his own outfits; if he's ever undressed or if something gets on his outfit, he'll go into his room and pick a shirt out of one drawer and pants out of the other.  It is just adorable, especially when it's in the 80s and he comes out with corduroy pants and a sweater (this prompted me to clear his drawers of winter clothes, so spring cleaning, for the win!)

He wasn't particularly cooperative with the photo shoot...and he wasn't gonna put that sand castle bucket down for anything...

 This is his "a garbage truck is fast approaching" face