Thanksgiving 2013

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , Sunday, December 29, 2013 11:49 AM

We had a really lovely Thanksgiving Day this year, but since we were hosting, I have a very poor showing of photographs.  But still, plenty of good memories.

I woke up early & couldn't go back to sleep, so why not a little craft project to add to 50 other things needing to be done? 

 Preparing the turkey...we got a 23 lb one this year.  Was supposed to take 4-5 hrs to cook. 
 It only took 3 - which threw us off a bit.  No big deal in the end.

 Meanwhile, Granma & Vianne did some coloring.
 Finally had cause to use my birthday present :-).
Fortunately, Patrick's dad got a group shot for us (except he's taking it, not in it!).  Patrick's family and our friends the Burns family were our guests.
Vianne sampling Thanksgiving dinner
Learning about sharing her toys :-)

November 2013

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , Monday, December 23, 2013 7:38 AM

A few snapshots of our Sunday, after church, instead of walking towards the house after exiting the car, Vianne took off down the driveway.  It was rather naughty, but in the end, mostly cute...
 She ran, ran, ran, and then got to the bend and sat down.

 A bit reminiscent of Carrie in the TV intro of Little House on the Prairie
 Daddy's Country Girl

  I didn't get a great shot of this, but, the little mom: wearing Mama's shoes, gift bag over arm like a purse, while maneuvering her shopping cart with babies inside.
 We do a lot of coloring these days.  If we don't contain it to the high chair, we color things like furniture and laptops and non-coloring books.
 We got to celebrate our friend Ella's 6th birthday.  Only in California can you have a November birthday party outdoors! :-)  I think V was the youngest in attendance so she looked on as they played a game...
 ...until she felt compelled to be right in the middle of it!

 Adorable & tasty cupcakes for the princess-themed party
 The perfect size for tiny hands!
 Ella's sister Ansley liked them, too!
 I had to employ all sorts of bribery to compel her to leave the playhouse when we had to go...

 A trip to Pioneer Park


 Such a brave girl!  Going down the big slide...again and again and again...

Thoughtfully tasting a pickle for the first time
 Heading to work :-)

 Heading out for a Chick-Fil-A lunch date w/ Daddy and a coos-from-college-student-garnering romp around APU campus.  Was sort of cold that morning so it was the first chance to wear her pretty coat!

 "Dr. Oden can see you now..."
 Vianne loves playing games on Daddy's tablet; he hardly gets to use it!

 Like mother, like daughter, I'm afraid...
 This die-hard Peppa Pig fan loved discovering a muddly puddle in front of our house so she could jump up & down in it.
 Phone and purse...oh dear.
One of her catch-phrases of late...

Patrick is 39

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , Friday, December 6, 2013 3:23 PM

Patrick's birthday turned into a month long celebration - but unfortunately that's not as generous as it sounds :-).  Due to some family illnesses, things got a bit delayed in the festivity department.  But I think we all pulled out plenty of merriment in the end.

The day of his birthday, I got migraine symptoms just as we were supposed to leave for a lunch out.  We still went, but I wasn't exactly the best birthday companion.  Rachelle kindly watched Vianne for us while we had some great food at Eureka! in Claremont and then enjoyed some frozen yogurt from 21 Choices (we didn't even know that you get a free one for your birthday!).  We did gifts at home later and I fear I went to bed as soon as possible after that. 

A couple weeks later we were able to celebrate with Patrick's family at our place, with great Mexican food, Patrick's favorite ice cream cake...

 ...and lots of fun presents!
 Patrick's trusty (and cute) present-opening assistant
 We hadn't been able to see Granma for a few weeks so it was a happy reunion!
And a couple weeks after that (Nov. 18, a whole month from his birthday) I finally got to take him out for the birthday fun I had imagined.  Patrick's parents kindly watched Vianne while we enjoyed an afternoon kayaking in the Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve...

 (mylar balloon stalkers)

 ...followed by a fabulous lunch of Irish delights!