Christmas in Oregon 2016

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , Sunday, March 19, 2017 1:31 PM

We drove up to Oregon a few days before Christmas, and were greeted at Mom. G/Grandma's house by Grant & Miriam, who got right to entertaining their cousins.

Much to Patrick's delight, the kids enjoyed their first egg nog.  
With three against one now, I may have to start buying the stuff...
Having spent most of fall 2016 watching or playing Wizard of Oz, the kids finally knew what these dolls at Grandma's (ones I played with as a kid) were all about!

We spent a cozy afternoon with the Hsiehs before they headed to Chicago for Christmas.
Ugly Christmas sweater cookies to decorate...

...and trucks to put together.
Combo princess going on here.
Gift exchange

We tried so hard to get one normal one of all four kids.
So hard.
Puzzles (also from my childhood) at Grandma's
Vianne's very first sewing lesson with Grandma.  
She was so excited that she was glowing!
She kept running downstairs to tell us every detail.

Crepes for Christmas Eve

Twas the night before Christmas...
Real Christmas morning at Grandma's

We enjoyed a worshipful service at Hope Fellowship 
and Christy taught the kids a thing or two about singing up front afterwards.

We couldn't believe what a gorgeous sunny day it was! 
The view from the church is always worth a few moments' pause.

Back at Grandma's, joined by Geoff & Vera & the boys.

The day after Christmas we all headed to Lincoln City for a few days of family bonding.
The boys got right to that part.
We had this fabulous three-level house with room for everyone!

Cousin gift exchange

Vianne was very excited about her new baking set!

And Oliver loved his Iron Man and Paw Patrol DVD!

Matching mermaids
Aunt Jenny took on Vianne as breakfast baking assistant.

Gorgeous view from the upper floor

Second morning was quite sunny!
Unknowingly matching dresses!
Craft time!

We all ventured out for a walk on the beach.

Got some great pictures...but before we knew it, high tide was upon us and a few waves caught us off guard. First, Margot & Vianne were practically submerged (inducing panic attacks from the mothers too far to be of any assistance) and just as we were recovering from that, another came all the way up to where Oliver & I thought we were safe, all of a sudden, and Oliver was waist-deep in water, screaming, and, with camera in hand, I grabbed him...destroying our camera in the process.  It was a scary few minutes, especially with stories this last year of dangers on the Oregon Coast, and I'm thankful that everyone was kept safe, but I was shaken by the experience (still shudder when I think of it, to be honest).  And so, this is where the photos, and that dear camera, end.  

Other than that experience, the beach was a lovely time of relaxing (I read a whole book!), eating way, way too much (I gained five pounds!), playing games, doing puzzles, and lots of fun.  After the beach, we spent one more night in Canby and then were back on the road for Sacramento.