Showered with Love: Celebrating Baby O. in California

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , Wednesday, February 29, 2012 12:54 PM

In the past week, we had two baby showers!  We are quite overwhelmed by the love & affection & outpouring of gifts & time & energy & creativity.  Baby O. is being well provided for by our friends, co-workers, and families!

The first shower was thrown jointly by Academic Programs (my office) & Field Ed. (Patrick's office) from Fuller, and they were very creative with a Winnie the Pooh theme (since we're fans!).

 Biscuits with honey butter - so good!!
 Donut holes especially for Patrick - and delicious buttermilk mini-cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting!

 They gave us so many fun gifts - including an Ergo carrier (which has come highly recommended from many parents) and cute outfits, socks, hats and Pooh toys!

 My supervisor's mother-in-law (who helped me with this project awhile back) surprised us with beautiful crocheted blankets and hats, which we had to try on :-).


The second shower was a ladies event - and thrown by some dear gals that I'm so privileged to call friends from church - a polka dot extravaganza!  Much like the Oregon shower, I didn't get as many photos as I'd like - but here are at least a few snapshots of all the cuteness.

This cake was amazing!

Cookies to take home

The gift opening begins - we got so many wonderful things!!  Our friend Rachelle, at the left.
L to R: Sharon (Melissa's mom), friends Carey and Andrea, cousin Sarah, and friend & hostess Jayme
Love Sandra Boynton!
The adorable sheep blanket from Aunt Diane, with Mom Oden, Kaizlee, Rachelle, and Melissa
Love this diaper cake from my creative friend Jaimie.  On top is a super cute dress she made!

Our Third Anniversary - A Belated Celebration

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , Friday, February 10, 2012 4:03 PM

A January 3rd wedding date was great for Patrick's school schedule three years ago, but as an anniversary date, it proves a little complicated to squeeze in, coming off a full week of holiday festivities already, then getting back into school & work.  So I think we've resigned ourselves to the fact that we'll celebrate our anniversary late every year - and that's entirely okay with us.

This past weekend was our belated getaway-for-the-day to our beloved city of San Diego, specifically to the San Diego Zoo.  We enjoyed a gorgeous sunny-but-not-hot day (a great advantage of celebrating in February in Southern California) visiting the animals & getting some much needed fresh air and exercise.  We had a wonderful lunch at Albert's Restaurant (to counteract the exercise ;) ) with a shared duck confit macaroni & cheese appetizer to start, pork loin in mushroom sauce for the lady, and sea bass in lemon sauce for the gentleman.  

All in all, a delightful day!

 Lovebirds :-)

 Duck Confit Macaroni & Cheese
 Sea Bass
 Pork Loin

 The polar bear was definitely a highlight - very entertaining!