Baby #2: Our Growing Boy

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , Saturday, March 29, 2014 1:48 PM

Yep, we're having a son!  And we are beyond delighted!!

Truth be told, we found out at about 13 weeks along, thanks to a new chromosome test that's been used in the last couple years, and that's especially recommended for pregnant women over 35, which can detect 3 different chromosomal disorders...and since they're looking at your chromosomes, they can also predict the gender of the baby!

It's 99.1% accurate for male gender so we've been pretty sure for several weeks now, but still wanted to see some "anatomical evidence" on the 18-20 week ultrasound.

The first one (at 19 weeks) was indeterminate as Mr. O. was curled up and sleeping, face down, for most of it, and the technician couldn't get all the measurements & pictures she needed.  He's definitely got a spine, though...

So, oh darnit!, we had to have another one at 21 weeks (if I could have it my way, I'd have one every week!)...and he was more cooperative this time and showed off all his various angles.  And, we finally have our visual anatomical confirmation:  he's definitely a boy!  We also got to take home more pictures and especially enjoyed this one of such a detailed profile (love his little legs!).

Little O. bump at 20.5 weeks

Like with Vianne, I'm not terribly obviously pregnant.  I just kinda thicken all over (blech!) and so the belly's not so noticeable.  But I'm hopeful that - again, like with Vianne - this prevents the random grocery store belly feels because people don't know if I'm pregnant or just carrying 25 unneeded pounds :-).

Mr. O. is such a wiggler!  I'm really enjoying the very frequent & reassuring kicks and pokes and told Patrick early this morning, I'm pretty sure he's in there gearing up for Olympic Diving Team tryouts with the crazy flips I was feeling!  But even when it keeps me awake and is a bit nauseating, the feeling is just so inexplicable and incomparable to anything else, I am trying to cherish every bit of this.

Vianne Rose: Twenty-Three Months Old

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , Wednesday, March 19, 2014 9:38 AM

I confess, this was my weakest attempt at a monthiversary shoot yet...but a) I don't suppose I can keep this up forever and b) this was the last of three days that Patrick was gone at a conference, and I just didn't have the energy to wrestle her for photos.  Especially since we'd walked a 2.5 mile round trip to the park that morning.  So, I'm counting the park photos :-).

She still loves to dance and to sing.  Her favorite song is still Jesus Loves Me ("Jeez Me"), but she often requests "Mama's Songs" (the Homespun CD) and "Donald Farm Cow Song" (Old McDonald) and we've been enjoying the Slugs & Bugs CDs she got from Rebekah for Christmas. 

We are especially entertained by Vianne's ever-growing, ever-surprising vocabulary.  There are a lot of word pronunciations & phrases I will miss when her English improves.  She says "darburge" for garbage; a zipper is a "yipper"; Look! is "Yoot!" (double o sounds like look); remember is "memmer" and yawn is still "yarn"; and a personal favorite, a heartbeat is a "heartbeep".  She also often mixes up "heavy" and "hard" - so, for example, if she can't do something hard, she'll say, "It's heavy" and I try not to giggle.  She hasn't caught on to the subtle words "not" and "don't" or "shouldn't" in negative phrases, so she will say things like "It's working" if something's not working, or "You touch it"/"You have it" when she means "don't touch it" or "you don't have it".

We talk a lot about the baby ("Baby Awver" ;-) ) in Mama's tummy, who sometimes - according to Vianne - is in her tummy, too!  Sometimes he is sleeping, sometimes he is crying, sometimes he's silly. She enjoys watching a video from of an illustrated baby at 15 to 20 weeks, who we say is ours.

She loves playing "The Owl Game" and others on Daddy's tablet (since kids using technology is such a huge debate right now, let me stoke the fire...heh heh) to which we give much credit for her early grasp of numbers, letters, shapes and colors.

She's still into everything, definitely showing a new side of her strong will, and most days completely wears us out...but my goodness, we love her more than we can even fathom.

Valentine's Day 2014

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , Saturday, March 15, 2014 6:13 PM

We're all about love, but we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day so much; even still it was a different one even for that, with Patrick gone all day at a conference on hope in Claremont, featuring keynote speaker Jurgen Moltmann (the German theologian that Patrick wrote his dissertation on and whom he studied with over a week while in Tubingen in 2011). 

But Vianne & I had a sweet day hanging out together.  Some gifts from Mama & Daddy in the morning...

...then some gifts Grandma G. sent us later in the day.

First Hershey's Kiss - she loved it (Mama's girl!) and wanted more

A bit of video...

And more gifts from Granma & Grandpa O. on the weekend!

The Oden Expansion: Baby O. #2 is on its way!

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , Wednesday, March 12, 2014 6:11 PM

The Odens are expanding!  Well, mostly just me at this point :-D.

We are in eager anticipation of Baby O.'s expected arrival in early August (or late July...or these things go...)  I took my first test (at about 4 weeks) on Thanksgiving morning right when I woke up, and then crawled back into bed and told Patrick, "We might have one more thing to be thankful for today!" :-)  It was fun having a little secret to smile about all day, as we went about cooking & entertaining our guests, and a reason to eat all I wanted, knowing the nausea was coming any day.

This pregnancy has been very similar to Vianne's so far, except that the sickness (nausea & vomiting, morning, noon, & night) started a week earlier (at 5 weeks - so unfair!) and lasted a couple weeks longer, and this time I had a little cutie V to pat my head and say, "Sorry, Mama!" when I was feeling sick :-).  I feel like I have had a lot more specific (and rarely healthy) cravings this time around and am trying not to indulge every single one (I did not withstand the Cadbury Mini Eggs tidal wave...although, to be fair, that one I can never resist, regardless of pregnancy...).

I also started feeling Baby O. move about 17 weeks (which I love!!) and don't remember feeling Vianne 'til about 20 weeks.  So reassuring every time I feel those little jolts!

We are delighted so far with my care through Kaiser and have two sets of pictures to show off:  the first is from our first visit at about 11 weeks, and the second from the nuchal translucency screening, at 12 weeks.

February 2014

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , Saturday, March 8, 2014 8:57 PM

We moved into the new place at the very end of January & started settling in by the first of February...only to all 3 get hit with the flu bug!  Vianne has never been sick like this so it was very strange and hard to see her so lethargic.  In this picture, she (who never ever just falls asleep somewhere) was sitting on the couch with a sandwich (trying to get her to eat something!).  After one bite, she was asleep!

We're loving the private, fenced backyard at the new house!  Vianne is also getting quite good at kicking, our little soccer player in the making!

Vianne had never seen me clean so much in her life as those last few days moving out of the old house.  I was using Clorox bleach wipes on almost everything so ever since, she's found great delight in cleaning things with her baby wipes, paper towels, anything that looks like the bleach wipes.  I sure don't mind having some extra help :-D!

Playing in the new living room

My little Alice in Wonderland

Enjoying her new bedroom
We've been walking to the San Dimas Library often since the move, now that Vianne is big enough to enjoy the kids' area.  She loves coming here!

This is our little buddy Canyon, who's turning one in March.  We've been watching him on Monday mornings for a few weeks 'til April when his mom is done with her school commitments.  Such a sweet boy & so easy to take care of!
We enjoyed some much needed rain at the end of the month!  Vianne was out back jumping up & down in (not so) muddy puddles.  In rain boots & sunglasses: definitely half Oregonian, half Californian :-D.

January 2014

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , 8:37 PM

Between the trip to Oregon, baby-growing nausea, and packing & moving to a new house all in the month of January, not a lot of pictures were taken.  A few glimpses of our month...

The hills above Glendora were on fire for a couple of days and we could see it from our yard!

A trip to Via Verde park - I used to walk here when I was pregnant with Vianne and when she was a tiny baby, so it was fun to bring her back to play here!

First peanut butter & jam sandwich!  I'm so happy we're in the sandwich phase now, so much easier when I'm out of lunch ideas.
Sweetie in her Sunday best
Headed off to work :-D
Grandpa's assistant in the moving truck

"Helping" Mama clean up the old house
The carpet steamer doubles as a horse
Taking a little water break...and reflecting on good times had at the Covina Blvd house