Oliver's Forty-Seventh Week

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , Saturday, June 27, 2015 1:33 PM

This week, Oliver finally busted out his first tooth and oddly enough, it's his top left canine!  This explains a fair amount of grumpiness and clingy-ness in the last week.  He continues to make us think he's about to take his first steps, but has yet to do it (and frankly, this Mama ain't in any hurry).  He has recently earned two nicknames: Lizard Boy and Tinker Boy, the former because he loves to flick his tongue in and out, and the latter because he loves exploring the inner workings of any and every thing he can get his hands on, for example, the new diaper pail we got last week.

I confess, my mind's been a bit preoccupied lately and the camera hasn't seen much of the light of day of late...but three small glimpses in to Week 47...

The guys doing their near-nightly ritual of watering the lawn while Mama puts V to bed...
 Oliver loves when Mama lets him loose on the patio so he can explore the playhouse.  He loves to open the door and use it to step in and out (and look super cute in the process).


Oliver's Forty-Sixth Week

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , 1:28 PM

We made a visit to Fuller since Daddy had a meeting & Mama wanted to see her friends & had lunch at the refectory, where the kids lounged on the couch...
 More fun with a box!
 Oliver was delighted with the swing at the park ~ we're pretty sure he's gonna love roller coasters!

 And he also impressed everyone in the room by showing that he could drink from a straw.  Maybe this is normal for an almost-11-month-old but I know V did it way later (probably just because I never thought to give her one!).

Calico Adventure ~ June 2015

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , 3:30 AM

What do you do when they're closing your street all day for resurfacing?  You head out really early to the Wild West Town nearest you, of course!  On one of our most fun family day trips yet, we spent a Friday in Calico, CA, to the very great delight of our little Sheriff Callie.

We left so early that we stopped to get a little breakfast at Burger King...  (BOOGER KING?!, Vianne asked, giggling) ...where Oliver entertained us with his poses...

"You guys finish your breakfast, I'll just hang out..."
We made it!  
 The sheriff takes her first look at the surroundings...
Love this shot...

"Wanted, sheriff?  Where do I sign up??"

The house made of bottles

We went for a train ride & had the whole train to ourselves!

We took a tour of Maggie's Mine and came out the other side...
Went over the bridge to see the schoolhouse

Wherever there's a stage, this girl will utilize it...

Vianne loved the panning for gold!  She went back again later (and kept asking for more!).

The (real) Sheriff got such a kick out of Vianne!  Unfamiliar with Sheriff Callie, he called her Sheriff Two-Shoes because she has two horseshoes on her belt.  She was a little confused as to why the town needed a sheriff other than her, but was mostly friendly to him anyway.
She spent a lot of the day moseying up and down the main street, saying, "Hi, I'm the sheriff!" to anyone who passed by.  Hilarious!
Time for a cold one!
A cold...sarsaparilla...her very first!

Catching some shade...it was very hot by early afternoon!

Time to lock up some bandits!

Vianne was so in her element the whole day.  She got a lot of attention from the other visitors, especially when the tour buses rolled in just before lunch time.  A large group of lovely French tourists were particularly charmed by her and all their compliments gave me a chance to dust off my very rusty French.  Vianne keeps asking when we get to go back to Calico!  (I'm thinking when it's a bit cooler...)