Oliver Patrick: Eighteen Months Old

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , Tuesday, March 8, 2016 4:27 PM

The first month into the new year, and our little Oliver hits One Point Five.  The big event happened while at Grandma's house in Oregon, so we took some pictures on the stairs, one of his favorite places to hang out.  Oliver's got about 20 words (and as many signs) in his vocabulary arsenal, although he seems to prefer happy-babbling to using them most of the time.  He loves to climb on everything and anything, still loves books with all the passion of his soul, and still charms the ladies wherever we go, especially his own Mama with all his big cuddly hugs.  He's been on a bit of an eating strike of late but generally he will eat most things, except he still won't touch bananas with a ten foot pole.  He's still doing a great job sleeping through the night, too, and most days will succumb to an afternoon nap.  To add to his eight front teeth, he's finally got a couple molars poking through on top.  At his checkup, he measured 33" and weighed in about 23 lbs 4 oz. and is generally a very healthy, happy guy, with daily hints of a very strong will to prepare us for Two. 


January 2016

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , 4:00 PM

January, we did our best to fight the post-holiday gloom...
The biggest development was Vianne starting a dance class!  Wednesday afternoons at Kids Dance & Fitness, only a five-minute drive from our house.  Her "Creative Movement" class exposes her to beginner moves in ballet, tap, and tumbling, and she LOVES it!  It was pretty surreal buying these...

(Outside the studio after her first class)
Oliver developed a fascination for garbage bags
and still loves books!

He also likes to wear things that aren't his (hats, shoes, etc)

This is his new favorite position on the changing table.  He thinks it's hilarious.  I've actually become quite adept at taking off & replacing the diaper this way.
In Oliver's life manual: If sister is ever on the ground, she must be hugged!

This month he decided "No more high chair!"  We kept Vianne in one until she was over 3 years old 'cause she didn't know any different and we got away with it.  But watching his big sister at the table, he decided that's where he belonged, too - and where he's been since!  He actually does pretty well for a little guy.
Trying out her Christmas outfit from Grandma

Rainy day activity: shaving cream paint

More rainy day activities: homemade playdough
and ice excavations

seed slime
and general silliness
Christmas present from Granma

Towards the end of the month, the kids & I headed to Oregon again 'cause I was aching for some time with Rebekah.  Both kids took runny noses up to Oregon with them...

Christmas Day 2015

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , 11:29 AM

Christmas morning and in traditional fashion we're up bright and early to enjoy the many wonders of the day!  Vianne checks out the filled stockings...

Discovering the treasures the stockings beheld!

And then to the tree!  Vianne did a great job at her big sister duty of guiding Oliver through the various excitements.
Cousin gifts!  Vianne was delighted with her Wonder Woman costume, which she then put on and wore throughout the opening of her other gifts.

And Oliver got a duplo set!
Fun gifts from Grandma G.

A Mjolnir for Daddy
Bob Staake favorites

And...what's that under there?
Elsa's ice castle!!  (thanks, Vine!)

A basketball hoop for Oliver!
Love his Michael Jordan face!
Slam dunk!  The kid's a natural!
Got the Christmas clothes back on
And Granma & Grampa & Uncle Jon came over to join us for a Christmas feast!
Picnic 'round the Christmas tree

The Christmas dress didn't last too long, back into Wonder Woman in time for some more presents!

Taking the ornaments off the tree and getting away with it because he's so darn cute
Finally getting to eat the gingerbread men

Presents, round two!
Tractors!  (This face.  You just want to kiss it.)
Oliver put his new Pooh blanket to immediate use.

"Thanks for the presents, Grampa!"

He loves his new laptop!
Then we spent the afternoon & the next day playing and watching Frozen and eating & eating & eating and doing puzzles and enjoying the beautiful weather!  A very cozy & delicious celebration of Christ's birth for us all.
Patrick thoroughly enjoyed the decorations on this pastry
Tea party with her new tea set
Reading with Grampa
Cutest little cookie sneak

Enjoying Daddy's homemade peppermint ice cream while watching Frozen
Making orange rolls for breakfast (because we didn't have enough sweets yet)
Sharing treats under the stockings :-)