Oliver In Oregon, Part Two: October 2014 (Trip to Bauman Farms)

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , Thursday, October 30, 2014 5:17 PM

On Thursday of our trip, we had a fun day at Bauman Farms with Grandma, the Moms and all the cousins.  We petted animals, we played on the various playgrounds, we had apple cider donuts, and we even had a little fog (at first) to fill our California hearts with some real fall.

With Oliver strapped to my chest the whole time, he didn't figure into a lot of my photos while out & about, so I had to remember to include him in some!! :-)

My cutie just sat down to sing a little song on a bench...

The tire playground had all sorts of attractions

Oliver In Oregon, Part One: October 2014

Posted by Amy Evelyn Oden , 3:44 PM

After several weeks of wrestling with the idea of flying alone with two kids, I finally decided to go ahead and book the flights because a) Oliver needed to be experienced by all his family & friends in Oregon, b) we needed to meet our cousin/nephew Edmund, c) frankly, this Mama was getting a bit stir crazy and, d) how bad could it be really

So the first weekend of October, armed with small toy surprises and a bunch of sugary snacks I'd sworn I'd never bribe my children with, we boarded the plane for Oliver's first flight and first time in Oregon, and Vianne's first paid flight in her own seat!

And it went mostly well, albeit appropriately stressful.  Vianne was good for 87% of the flight and was properly delighted at the surprises & snacks, and helped "Pinkie" to enjoy the flight as well.  When we first boarded and were waiting to take off, she looked out the window and called out, "Bea and Margot, I'm coming to see you on a big airplane!!" (too sweet!)
 Oliver did okay.  He didn't pass out for the whole flight like I'd hoped, but he never screamed at his highest volume either.  This is the "oh, shoot, this is his first flight, he should at least have one picture" shot.  :::second child sigh:::
 First time at Grandma Gustafson's house!
 Meeting Aunt Emily
 and his cousin Bea
 and Margot
 and Edmund!  (son swap)
 Vianne was happily reunited with the girls, of course
 ...and to give Edmund kisses at long last!
 The boys, hanging out...(two weeks apart in age)

 The boys didn't really notice each other while side by side, but it was super cute to see the reaction when face to face!

Chillin' with Uncle Chris
 Grandma with the two newest grandkids
 Reunited with the wind-up toys!
 Super curls!  For some reason, her hair stayed much curlier up in Oregon.
 Reading with Grandma before going to Hope Fellowship for church
 Ready to meet some friends!
 With Ben...
 ...and Rebekah!  I love his, "Mom, enough with the camera!  I'm having a moment here!" face.
 Silly siblings
 Sunday night we met up at the Hsiehs with the Terwilligers & Lincolns

 Monday morning smiles for Grandma :-)
 Meeting Aunt Vera
 The girls played upstairs for hours & hours while the Mamas & boys hung out downstairs.  It's so nice that Vianne is now old enough to play with decreasing supervision.
 We walked over to the park near Ackerman

 Little monkeys!  David & Vianne
 Bea & Margot were adorable with Oliver ~ very interested in holding him & very affectionate, even though they have their own little brother at home!
 A seat for everyone!

 On Monday, we went up to the Storeys' house for a visit...

 Grant & Oliver

 Smiling at Matt

 Our friend Lynn came to meet Oliver on Wednesday...

 Vianne being silly with the cups :-)