Week Ten with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, June 23, 2012 9:26 PM

Week Ten: Move over bed canopy, Vianne has a new best friend this week, our black & white lampshade!  The lampshade (even when the light is off) currently receives more smiles on a daily basis than any other object, animate or inanimate; she gets downright giddy whenever the lampshade is in view.  Sometimes if I'm lucky enough, I will get a residual smile or two from the overflowing joy of having seen the lampshade.

I seem to be shirking my photo-taking responsibilities of late - only have a few photos to post.  I will have to step it up, for the cuteness must be documented!

Here she is in a sweet little outfit from Cousin Molly

And here, wearing one of her French onesies from Uncle Geoff & Aunt Vera
"Wednesdays With Grandpa" (as I like to call them) continue!
Grandpa got this sweet smiling one with his phone, to send to Grandma - it looks like Vianne is waving to her :-)
We met up with Megan & her dear boys again, this time at Bonelli Park which is very near where we live.  I only got this one photo, though!  I love how she's looking right at the camera :-).
On Saturday, we tried on the hat that I made for her, which finally fits her.  We had her keep it on long enough to show Rachelle & family that we saw that day.  She had this adorable flapper thing going on...

...and obviously is terribly thrilled with it.
Lunch with Rachelle, who's 7 months pregnant!
And Sunday, Father's Day (separate post here), Vianne is ten weeks old!

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