Vianne Rose: Two Months Old

Posted by Amy O. , Sunday, June 10, 2012 2:28 PM

June 8th was our sweet Vianne's two month "birthday".  She had her two month check-up with our wonderful pediatrician Dr. Mechoso this week: She now weighs 10 lbs, 3.5 oz, and is 21 3/4" long (though we're not sure the length measurement was accurate) - and seems to be right on track as far as growth & development in every area.  We praise God for this good news!

At two months, Vianne continues to smile more each day and respond to our voices.  The things she most loves: being held & cuddled by her adoring family & friends, the canopy over our bed & the windows in the family room (they each receive lots of smiles each day), her Snugabunny swing, her brand new Tiny Love playmat, kicking her legs, going for walks in the neighborhood, the glider rocking chair - especially when being sung to, music - especially hymns, and bath time with a bit of post-bath naked time.

Since Aunt Emily was visiting this week, I had her take some two-month pictures with her fancy camera.  She got over a hundred shots, but these are the best ones/my favorites among them.

2 Response to "Vianne Rose: Two Months Old"

Emily Blair Says:

I know I took these, but I love those last couple on the purple blankets inside. So sweet! I miss you guys already. Margot seems to have grown while I was away though, so it's good I came back! :)

Marie Says:

Oh, oh, oh, she is too cute, too adorable, too beautiful for words! I LOVE Vianne Rose!! And I love these pictures! Granma LOVES you, Vianne!!!!

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