Week Nine with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, June 15, 2012 3:40 PM

Vianne's ninth week of life began with a quiet Monday of no commitments, other than trying out her yellow duck gown from Grandma G. (on the duck blanket from her as well).  Mommy loves me, indeed! How can Mommy resist?

On Tuesday, a Fuller co-worker-and-friend, Justin, came to visit us & meet Vianne!
Wednesday, we put on her pretty shoes from our friend Andrea, in the great anticipation of a special guest that evening, Aunt Emily flying in from Oregon to meet Vianne!

On Thursday, we enjoyed a lovely breakfast with the Losie ladies.
Vianne with Aunt Pat & cousin Michelle's daughter Lily.
 Back row L to R: Jackson (Michelle's son), cousin Sarah, Michelle, Aunt Pat, Emily with Vianne who was fine and then cried right when this was taken :-), me.  Front: Lily and Jake (Sarah's son).
Then we headed to Pasadena, where we briefly showed Aunt Emily the Fuller campus...(waiting for Mama at the HR office)

...and then she helped me out greatly by watching Vianne in the waiting room while I got my teeth cleaned at the dentist (Mak & Kleiger in Pasadena - I highly recommend them!!). 
Then we headed to another appointment, Vianne's two month check-up, complete with shots.  She was a trooper & didn't even cry all that much!  She very much enjoyed wiggling on the paper while we waited for the doctor.

Emily got some very sweet shots, too, while we waited...(a bit of a long wait...)

 Starting to lose patience...
When we finally got home after all our errands, we enjoyed dinner out on the patio...

On Friday, Vianne turned 2 months old!  I posted separately about that with some gorgeous pictures, but other than a photo shoot, we enjoyed a quiet, relaxed day at home of sleeping in and scheming about creative business ventures (a common pastime of Emily's and mine), and then enjoyed a trip to Mrs. Nelson's Toy & Book Shop and a fun dinner at T Phillip's - the McMenamin's of SoCal.

On Saturday, Vianne sported her adorable new dress that Aunt Emily brought for her.  It was overcast in the morning so she wore her cute green sweater, too.  We all went to check out the place we're planning to move to in August and Emily agreed that it's fabulous! (more on this in future posts)

 Aunt Emily took a few shots of her from the back seat...

When we got back home, Aunt Emily read Vianne the Pride & Prejudice board book that she brought her and, you can tell from her smiles, Vianne is clearly a kindred spirit in the realms of Austen. 

We had to take Aunt Emily to the airport on Saturday evening, so on Sunday, we consoled ourselves by playing on the new Tiny Love playmat, trying out some hand-me-downs from cousins Bea & Margot that she brought (flower booty!), and having Uncle Jon over for dinner.

Vianne at 9 weeks

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single baby in possession of an Aunt Emily must be in want of nothing.

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