Week Seven with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, June 2, 2012 10:26 AM

Vianne's seventh week of life was filled with changes and smiles!  For the first time in her short life, her NB clothes were no longer baggy, but actually a little tight - so we got out the 0-3 month clothes.  Also too tight, the NB size diapers!  So she's moved up to size 1.  Of course this is all inevitable, but it's so strange to watch this little person grow before your very eyes, and nothing makes it more clear than things that were once huge being too tight.  It really does seem to happen overnight and it's all too true that it goes so fast!

As for the smiles, we can't get enough of them!  Her first real smile occurred on Mother's Day (but who's gonna believe me, right? :-P), and then every day after she would give me one or two in the waking hours of the morning that week...but this last week, she busts them out regularly, during her now-more-often periods of wide-eyed awake time throughout the day.  They are very deliberate smiles, accompanied by very deliberate eye contact, and it's such a thrill to make this human connection with our little one, a step up from simply meeting her needs on demand.

Here she is, enjoying her beautiful blanket from my cousin Greg's wife, KT.
Smiling for Mama. Love, love, love this picture.
Vianne & I have these sweet, slow mornings together, which she spends alternating feedings and naps on my lap, while I try to catch up on reading, blogging, paperwork, emails, etc.  A couple glimpses of what that looks like, from my perspective :-).

Trying to capture the smiles as proof.  Blurry, but still so cute!!!

On Saturday, we dressed her up in her pretty sweater & took her to church to meet our friends at the Saturday night service.  Love this face she's making!
Seven weeks old & trying out one of her new cute onesies from our friend Melissa.  For some reason, we're terribly amused by sitting her up like a big person...

Uncle Jon came to visit Sunday night & have a pre-Memorial Day picnic with us.

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Emily Blair Says:

So excited to see these smiles next week! And I love that little sweater! She is definitely getting bigger (and even a little chubbier).

Redjen Says:

It's hard to believe that she can get any cuter, but she is! LOVE the smiles.

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