Vianne Video: Too Tired To Play :-)

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, June 16, 2012 3:10 PM

This cracked us up! On Wednesday night, we took Vianne to a pizza party at church to meet our Oasis Bible study friends, and we'd played at the park that afternoon with Megan & her boys, so Vianne was exhausted! Slept 8 hours that night in a row (longest stretch ever) and was still tired on Thursday morning - slept pretty much 'til about 2pm, waking only to eat. Mid-morning, I set her on her playmat for a few minutes, which has thus far always provoked her to a flurry of activity, but I noticed that this time, instead, she was falling asleep! Or at least trying to (darn those bodily functions ;-) ). It was so funny! (And Patrick caught it on video!)

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Emily Blair Says:

Hilarious! And those are some cute pajamas.

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