Week Eight with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, June 4, 2012 11:01 AM

Week Eight began with Memorial Day.  We spent the day just hanging out at home, and we had this cute little NB size dress handed down to us, which will most likely be too small by 4th of July, so we took advantage of this other patriotic day.  Lots of cute shots so I'm posting a whole bunch!

"See these fingers?  I've got Mama wrapped around each & every one!"

"Hooray for freedom!"

I was so happy to dress Vianne up in this onesie on Tueseday.  I bought this for her at 21 weeks pregnant when we found out we were having a girl, back when that was such a nebulous concept.  So fun & surreal to finally see this girl in it!
 This pose cracks me up!

 Another hilarious pose I had to capture!  She looks so solemn!
On Thursday, Vianne tried out one of her new dresses (from our friend Andrea) and I found myself singing her "Wild Thing...you make heart sing...you make everything...grooooovy..." all morning :-).  She wanted to be extra cute because we had friends coming to visit!
Lovely Megan came back for another visit and this time she brought her sweet sons, Joshua & Caleb!
The boys were so sweet with Vianne and she was very taken with them!  They both held her very gently and admired her cuteness with great enthusiasm, and she was thrilled with the attention.  Here she is with Joshua.

Caleb sang her all his favorite songs, which she loved!

We enjoyed the warm, sunny day with lunch & playtime in the backyard.

On Saturday, we made a quick visit to the Losies where an open house shower for the twins was taking place.  Vianne got to meet my cousin Michelle & her kids (Lily, pictured, and Jackson) who are visiting from Missouri.
 With cousin Sarah and great uncle Lynn
8 weeks old
Vianne & Her Sheep (a gift from Corinne at the hospital)

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Redjen Says:

Photos of her with those kids makes me so eager to see mine with her!!!! That is going to be a special time, for sure.

Megan Says:

The boys talk about sweet Vianne all the time! We look forward to our next visit :)

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