Amy Is 38

Posted by Amy O. , Sunday, September 27, 2015 3:04 PM

I had a Wednesday birthday this year which would be more awkward if it weren't for Patrick's flexible schedule :-).  My first birthday as a northern Californian!  So we did something "Sacramento" by spending the day at the Sacramento Zoo (our first official family activity in the city, too - and Oliver's first ever zoo trip).

It's a charming, smallish zoo which was not very busy (yay!).  It kept the kids entertained which means we had a happy, relaxed, cheery time.

 "I'm not so sure about this, Mama..."
 "Hmmm, me neither..."
 "Don't worry, brother, I'll protect you from the scary monkey."

 This monkey...
 ...being watched by this monkey.

 Vianne doing a birthday dance for Mama :-D
 This handsome cat gave us quite the show, pacing back and forth

 And this handsome guy couldn't have been happier to be liberated from the stroller for a bit.

 Best. Photo. Ever.

After lunch & souvenir shopping & a ride on the carousel, it was back home for gifts.  Patrick knocked it out of the park this year with this surprise, an antique map of the Tarn & Garonne with an inset of Montauban, as well as a large print of a photo of the city.  This along with many lovely gifts from family & friends and I felt very spoiled!

 Then chocolate cake & Circus Animal Cookie ice cream (because, well, it apparently exists)

I confess, 38 seems a bit of a blah year as far as ages go, but I'm determined to make something of it nonetheless.  With all this love, it's sure to surprise me by its goodness.

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