Oliver Patrick: One Year Old!

Posted by Amy O. , Wednesday, September 16, 2015 8:00 PM

Our sweet Oliver has dared to turn a year old on us and we're still scratching our heads wondering where that time all went (while we're awake every two hours, remembering very clearly...).  While I am sad that my (intended) baby days have come to a close, I am looking forward to days with more sleep and days with a little more time to myself because the kids can play together.  And for all those who tell you to enjoy every moment, I feel like I cherished the heck out of Oliver's first year; he's just such a head-turner, you can't help but be completely taken in by him.

Oliver at One:
~ He weighs about 22 lbs and is about 29 1/4" tall (as of his 12 month check-up on 8/14 - although I think the height's a little suspect, he was pretty wiggly). 
~ His current favorite foods are chicken, watermelon, peas, peaches, and, well, nearly everything you give him, especially meat.  Except bananas, he's never really liked bananas.
~ He loves climbing on and exploring everything, both with his eyes and his ever-increasingly-mobile body.  He took his first steps about 11.5 months and is slowly acclimating to walking as his main source of getting around.
~ He still puts everything in his mouth, but lately if you ask him, "What do you have (in your mouth)?", he will pull it out and show you :-D.
~ He has three top teeth, working on a fourth, as well as the two bottom fronts.  Not a lot of hair to speak of, but what he has is brown and his eyes have stayed the same brownish shade as Mama & Daddy's.
~ The last month we've been seeing flashes of a very strong will.  When he doesn't like what's happening, he lets us know with a very loud and forceful yell.  (I thought the deal was that if one kid was strong-willed, the next was demure and serene.  I guess I'll have to read the fine print again.)  Also, jealousy and/or a sense of equality is an early emerged emotion.  Perhaps this comes earlier with a sibling in the picture.  If Oliver sees something that Vianne has that he doesn't, he will vehemently protest; for example, he loves watermelon so if, from his high chair, he sees that her lunch plate has some, but he hasn't gotten his yet...oh boy!  Break out the earplugs.
~ He loves being outdoors, loves to play in the backyard & go for walks and pretty much anywhere outside the house.
~ He continues to be a very poor sleeper (wakes every 2-3 hours) but we have big plans for this next year, buddy boy.
~  He loves Mickey Mouse, still lights up when he comes on the screen, and recently has started to dance along, to all music, but specifically to the Hot Dog Dance song.
~ He loves to whistle (makes O mouth and inhales) and still thinks clapping is one of the greatest things ever.
~ He's also recently started to develop that fear of Mama being gone and needs me desperately whenever I need two minutes in the bathroom.  This would be my least favorite phase if it wasn't for all the snuggles.
~  He still loves people (especially family) and continues to twinkle his gorgeous eyelash-laden eyes and coyly smile at any and everyone who looks his way.  He gets a lot of attention at stores and still has all the church ladies wrapped around his little finger.

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