Road Trip Adventure ~ Return to San Dimas via Sacramento Trip: July 2015

Posted by Amy O. , Tuesday, September 15, 2015 3:40 PM

On the way back to SoCal, we'd scheduled in a few days to tour homes in Sacramento and see if we could get a place to live.  While in Oregon, I was having a hard time making appointments to see homes, though, and a few days away from returning to Sacramento, I was near panic that we had only one appointment set up.  I wasn't even hearing back from the realtor that I'd been in contact with for weeks.  There was a still, small voice in the back of my mind saying, "Maybe you only need one appointment" but I still gave in to the chaos and pressed on until I had two rental visits and one realtor visit and one open house on the schedule.  Well, long story short, wouldn't you know, the one original appointment is the house-for-rent that was everything we wanted, the one-level 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house across from a beautiful park and only 1 mile from Patrick's office!  Important lessons have been learned, I assure you.

It was super hot for those days in Sacramento, but it was still a sort of surreal, peaceful time finding this great house, staying in a quiet home of friends, exploring our future stomping grounds.  The kids & I played ('til it got too hot) at this lovely park and then we had a fun lunch at Pete's, where they instantly won us over by offering Vianne some pizza dough to play with while we waited.  A great time which made us even more excited about the pending move.

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