Oliver's First Birthday: The Day Of

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, September 19, 2015 8:39 AM

We had a fun day celebrating Oliver's first year on the actual day of his birth, July 31.  After a photo shoot at the train depot, we walked a little ways into the charming downtown San Dimas...

...then it was off to the La Verne airport for a birthday brunch with Grandpa Oden & Uncle Jon...

Watching the planes take off...
Grandpa brought some special friends for the birthday boy!

Back at home, he opened his presents...

After opening a few things, he climbed up on me and gave me this big squeeze, like, "Thanks, Mama!"  TOO sweet.  #canyoutellwewerepacking?
Then we went outside for the unveiling of his big gift...a water table!

Little Thor (costume was one of his presents) hanging out with his fellow Avengers.
One of my favorite photos of all time.
Wonder Woman made an appearance as well :-)

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