September 2015

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, October 5, 2015 8:17 PM

September is Slowly Settling In Month.  I've been trying to bring some order to the house while the kids are bringing constant disorder...and they are currently winning.  Patrick has been hard at work juggling the end of summer classes, gearing up for fall classes, and doing his share of order-bringing to the house as well.

We love our new house and our new neighborhood and so far our new city.  I love being somewhere with no commitments or obligations other than to Patrick, Vianne, & Oliver - and am going to see how long I can make this last ;-D.  For now, it's enough for the four of us to quietly assimilate to Sacramento culture.

We continue to frequent the park across the street and Vianne continually gets more brave on the various ladders and slides and things.  Usually she's the one conquering the climbing wall, but one evening, the climbing wall got her.  She slid down & smacked her cheek on one of the handholds, huge bruise & swollen cheek (a month later, there's still a knot!).  Mostly she was upset because it meant we had to leave the park.  This girl & her high pain tolerance!

The kids are enjoying the slow-move-in process much more than their Mama.  Empty bookshelves are fun!
The arrival of new furniture was very exciting!

The kids seem to love having their own rooms, but sometimes I catch a quiet moment & spy them playing together in one or the other.
One of O's favorite places to hang out.  It's so cute I hardly even mind he usually dumps all the books from the shelf to the floor from this position.
Granma made her first trip up to our new place with Grandpa
Taking the kids over to the park & leaving Patrick & I with a blessedly quiet house for a bit
One in a long list of things O has to do because V does it: eating whole apples
After only three weeks away, we made a whirlwind trip to SoCal because Patrick had a Fuller faculty retreat and we figured we'd all tag along.  The first night we got to see Rachelle's new house...

We stayed at the Losies' while they were out of town and the first full day we spent in Lake Arrowhead.  A couple of shots with flair on our way out the door...
...and found perfect weather awaiting us up on the mountain.
Our little Charlie Brown boy loved the him-sized playground

Granma & Grandpa have been talking to Vianne about this boat & its tour around the lake for awhile and it was finally the day for it!  It was a wonderful, relaxing ride around and the kids thought it was really fun!

Captain Curls!
Back at home in Sacramento, Oliver practices for his male modeling career

Sister joins in for some snuggles

Another of O's favorite pastimes is talking on phones & other similarly shaped objects as if he's carrying on urgent business
Fun in the backyard

Mama thinks, "When will we be rid of the pile of boxes with the tarp over it?"
The kids think, "Let's jump and climb on it!!!!!!!"
We have a bit of a burgeoning fall-on-the-floor tantrummer - heaven help us!

Super Hero Snuggles
And we ended the month with a visit from Grandpa!

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Marie Says:

I just love the beautiful, funny, clever, creative, happy way you capture the essence of your family life; I love you. and I am thankful forever for such delightful gorgeous grandchildren, Vianne Rose and Oliver!

Molly Says:

<3 Vianne! <3 It won't let me post a pic, but:


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