Valentine's Day 2015

Posted by Amy O. , Thursday, March 5, 2015 2:07 PM

This was Oliver's first Valentine's Day and our hearts were fuller than ever celebrating all this love in our lives! A few token gifts after breakfast...

 Candy, new sippy cups, and some beautiful jewels for Vianne

 And a fun box of treats & things from Grandma G.


Valentine's Day falling on a Saturday this year, we took advantage of Patrick's parents' weekly visit to get away for a few hours of the afternoon (only the 2nd time we've left Oliver!).  We first took to the hills north of us to drink in some fresh air and move our tired bodies a bit.  It was quite warm so it wasn't a long hike, but still refreshing!
Then we enjoyed drinks & baked brie at T. Phillips in Glendora and capped off our getaway with some Love Potion #31 (the Baskin-Robbins flavor that I wait all year to come out) back in San Dimas.  The kids had a great time at home with their grandparents and we had dinner together and then enjoyed these Valentine cookies.  I had been craving them for weeks and had never made them before so this holiday seemed the perfect occasion.  I had no idea how much work they were - the dough is SO touchy and with the rolling & re-rolling and cutting out and baking and arranging, it's got to be like 10 minutes per cookie.  Not sure I can bear that kind of time commitment/frustration again for a dessert...but they sure are delicious so the jury's still out.  I guess this is what's called a Labor of Love.  How fitting :-P!

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