Oliver's Thirty-Second Week

Posted by Amy O. , Tuesday, March 17, 2015 2:40 PM

This week included more progress on the trajectory towards crawling, trying out applesauce & blueberries, more what we think is teething but might be the cold his sister had, and his first trip to Disneyland.
 My sweet boy!
 He loves Mommy...
 ...but this is his face when Daddy comes in the room...


 Starting to figure out that his knees can move forward, but working on the coordination of it all.
 "Hey, Mama...
 ...whatchoo doin'?"
 Our long hallway has become his crawling runway.  Vianne also like to be the Crawling Coach.

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Marie Says:

Too remarkably adorable!!!! Love to you Oliver from granma!

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