Oliver's Thirtieth Week

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, March 2, 2015 6:00 PM

Oliver is so determined to figure out what he can do from this position!  He spends a lot of his day trying.  He also perfected a new trick this week, moving from sitting to crawling position and then back to sitting (for some reason, this makes him seem really really grown up).
 Unlike his sister, he turns towards the camera when he sees it and smiles :-)
  Story Time with Big Sister
 The look of glee ~ "I'm playing with Sister's toys!"
 We've had a bit of colder weather lately so I'm trying out his long pants & sleeves while I can, like this great outfit from Aunt Vera.  Also, devastated that he's not quite 7 months old and fitting into 9 months clothes.  Make it slow down!!

 The Many Faces of Oliver

 Time for his check-up!

 I have posted so few videos of our little man...but this week, one actually made it to YouTube!

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