Oliver Patrick: Seven Months Old

Posted by Amy O. , Tuesday, March 3, 2015 8:07 AM

Another month has blinked past us and Oliver's on the fast track - I fear - to completing his first year.  He's thankfully keeping actual crawling at bay but I doubt for much longer.  Rolling and army crawling get him where he wants to go and everything goes in his mouth and we're needing/having to watch real close these days.  Oliver loves to be outdoors and he seems to thrive on getting out & about.  He's a great little errand-runner and usually seems really delighted to be in stores with things to see all around.  Excepting some occasional mood swings due to teething-related unpleasantness, he's generally still a very happy, amiable kid who would be totally fine with Mama holding him 24/7, loves attention from his big sister, and explodes with joy whenever he catches sight of Daddy. So far, he's enjoyed avocados and bananas, but was rather indifferent about that week of sweet potatoes.  And as cute as he's been all along, he always seems to get cuter with every coming week!  See for yourselves...

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