February 2015

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, March 6, 2015 7:47 PM

The first of February was a sweet Sunday, when at the crack of dawn my kids did this... (collective awwwwww...)

Daddy got Candy Land for Vianne - her first board game!
I had this idea to take pictures of the kids and make Valentines to send out to family & friends.  But whatever the craft/mom version of "my eyes were bigger than my stomach" is is what happened because I got the pictures taken...and that's as far as that idea went... (maybe next year?)

Vianne continued to make daily trips to "Oregon"
We tried her "motorcycle" out on the cul-de-sac and she really impressed me with how she gets around on it!  She's quick & agile, this one!

It's a fine line between sibling snuggling and strangling these days.  Good thing Oliver's a stout fellow because Vianne seems to feel that she can be a lot rougher with him of late and we're having to intervene a lot more than when we first brought him home.  The first thing that Vianne wants to do every morning is wake him up and make him laugh, so we're sure there's still plenty of affection there, but the occasional outbursts of dislike are hard for Mama's heart.

These days Vianne lives largely in her own incredibly imaginative world.  She went out back to play and when I followed her a few minutes later, I found her here, sleeping out under the stars, Sheriff Callie style.

The last day of the month, while Oliver was turning 7 months old, Vianne got to go on a very special outing with Granma & Grandpa, to the Shuvah celebration of Purim, where the girls got to dress up like Queen Esther.  Granma brought Vianne this beautiful dress for the occasion, which she wore also for the afternoon when they got back as we watched the VeggieTales Esther movie.

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