January 2014

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, March 8, 2014 8:37 PM

Between the trip to Oregon, baby-growing nausea, and packing & moving to a new house all in the month of January, not a lot of pictures were taken.  A few glimpses of our month...

The hills above Glendora were on fire for a couple of days and we could see it from our yard!

A trip to Via Verde park - I used to walk here when I was pregnant with Vianne and when she was a tiny baby, so it was fun to bring her back to play here!

First peanut butter & jam sandwich!  I'm so happy we're in the sandwich phase now, so much easier when I'm out of lunch ideas.
Sweetie in her Sunday best
Headed off to work :-D
Grandpa's assistant in the moving truck

"Helping" Mama clean up the old house
The carpet steamer doubles as a horse
Taking a little water break...and reflecting on good times had at the Covina Blvd house

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