Baby #2: Our Growing Boy

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, March 29, 2014 1:48 PM

Yep, we're having a son!  And we are beyond delighted!!

Truth be told, we found out at about 13 weeks along, thanks to a new chromosome test that's been used in the last couple years, and that's especially recommended for pregnant women over 35, which can detect 3 different chromosomal disorders...and since they're looking at your chromosomes, they can also predict the gender of the baby!

It's 99.1% accurate for male gender so we've been pretty sure for several weeks now, but still wanted to see some "anatomical evidence" on the 18-20 week ultrasound.

The first one (at 19 weeks) was indeterminate as Mr. O. was curled up and sleeping, face down, for most of it, and the technician couldn't get all the measurements & pictures she needed.  He's definitely got a spine, though...

So, oh darnit!, we had to have another one at 21 weeks (if I could have it my way, I'd have one every week!)...and he was more cooperative this time and showed off all his various angles.  And, we finally have our visual anatomical confirmation:  he's definitely a boy!  We also got to take home more pictures and especially enjoyed this one of such a detailed profile (love his little legs!).

Little O. bump at 20.5 weeks

Like with Vianne, I'm not terribly obviously pregnant.  I just kinda thicken all over (blech!) and so the belly's not so noticeable.  But I'm hopeful that - again, like with Vianne - this prevents the random grocery store belly feels because people don't know if I'm pregnant or just carrying 25 unneeded pounds :-).

Mr. O. is such a wiggler!  I'm really enjoying the very frequent & reassuring kicks and pokes and told Patrick early this morning, I'm pretty sure he's in there gearing up for Olympic Diving Team tryouts with the crazy flips I was feeling!  But even when it keeps me awake and is a bit nauseating, the feeling is just so inexplicable and incomparable to anything else, I am trying to cherish every bit of this.

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chickenlittle Says:

My two kids are close in age too -- 16 months -- but the gender is reversed in our case: boy first, girl second.

You will enjoy and appreciate having them so close in age. Keep them together as much as possible while they're very young. They teach each other so much, including how to talk and think. Later on, they will naturally need to separate. You will also come to know how everything must be split evenly.

Marie Says:

Thrilled with you and Patrick; and LOVE how you express in words what is inexplicable!

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