The Oden Expansion: Baby O. #2 is on its way!

Posted by Amy O. , Wednesday, March 12, 2014 6:11 PM

The Odens are expanding!  Well, mostly just me at this point :-D.

We are in eager anticipation of Baby O.'s expected arrival in early August (or late July...or these things go...)  I took my first test (at about 4 weeks) on Thanksgiving morning right when I woke up, and then crawled back into bed and told Patrick, "We might have one more thing to be thankful for today!" :-)  It was fun having a little secret to smile about all day, as we went about cooking & entertaining our guests, and a reason to eat all I wanted, knowing the nausea was coming any day.

This pregnancy has been very similar to Vianne's so far, except that the sickness (nausea & vomiting, morning, noon, & night) started a week earlier (at 5 weeks - so unfair!) and lasted a couple weeks longer, and this time I had a little cutie V to pat my head and say, "Sorry, Mama!" when I was feeling sick :-).  I feel like I have had a lot more specific (and rarely healthy) cravings this time around and am trying not to indulge every single one (I did not withstand the Cadbury Mini Eggs tidal wave...although, to be fair, that one I can never resist, regardless of pregnancy...).

I also started feeling Baby O. move about 17 weeks (which I love!!) and don't remember feeling Vianne 'til about 20 weeks.  So reassuring every time I feel those little jolts!

We are delighted so far with my care through Kaiser and have two sets of pictures to show off:  the first is from our first visit at about 11 weeks, and the second from the nuchal translucency screening, at 12 weeks.

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Lem Says:

Congratulations Mrs. Paddy and Mr Paddy. This is great news. I'm very happy for the two, three, soon to be four of you. Congratulations.

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