February 2014

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, March 8, 2014 8:57 PM

We moved into the new place at the very end of January & started settling in by the first of February...only to all 3 get hit with the flu bug!  Vianne has never been sick like this so it was very strange and hard to see her so lethargic.  In this picture, she (who never ever just falls asleep somewhere) was sitting on the couch with a sandwich (trying to get her to eat something!).  After one bite, she was asleep!

We're loving the private, fenced backyard at the new house!  Vianne is also getting quite good at kicking, our little soccer player in the making!

Vianne had never seen me clean so much in her life as those last few days moving out of the old house.  I was using Clorox bleach wipes on almost everything so ever since, she's found great delight in cleaning things with her baby wipes, paper towels, anything that looks like the bleach wipes.  I sure don't mind having some extra help :-D!

Playing in the new living room

My little Alice in Wonderland

Enjoying her new bedroom
We've been walking to the San Dimas Library often since the move, now that Vianne is big enough to enjoy the kids' area.  She loves coming here!

This is our little buddy Canyon, who's turning one in March.  We've been watching him on Monday mornings for a few weeks 'til April when his mom is done with her school commitments.  Such a sweet boy & so easy to take care of!
We enjoyed some much needed rain at the end of the month!  Vianne was out back jumping up & down in (not so) muddy puddles.  In rain boots & sunglasses: definitely half Oregonian, half Californian :-D.

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