March 2014

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, April 5, 2014 9:20 PM

Over the past several weeks, Vianne has become a huge fan of Doc McStuffins (a Disney show about a little girl who is a doctor to toys - awfully cute) so has been using her doll mirror & hairbrush to give (and receive) a lot of checkups (or "che-puts" as she calls them).

Patrick was gone to the Wesleyan Theological Conference for the first weekend of March so Vianne & I tried to fill the void with some fun...park trips, walks, and Starbucks (coffee for Mama, scone for Little V)...
 We had gorgeous weather!
 That's my girl, Harry Potter was her pick off the shelf :-).
During Patrick's spring break, we went for a morning stroll at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden.

 Vianne enjoyed dancing on this wooden stage.
 We have to remember to take pictures of us, too, on these outings!
 Our Princess of Quite-A-Lot...she went in the house to see Daddy, who helped her assemble this fine ensemble before coming back out again.

 Granma & Moishe were invited in to the playhouse.
 Sharing giggles with the boys!

 We celebrated Granma's birthday with a lovely lunch outing.  Vianne spent the first 10 minutes hugging her :-).

 Then, ice cream cake back at our place...
Why use the fork? :-)
 I snagged this cute series of her "reading" - definitely Daddy's girl!

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Marie Says:

My heart is full of thanksgiving...thanks be to our glorious God for His wondrous grace and good gifts and very special hugs from a little one He loves dearly!

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