Easter 2014

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, April 21, 2014 9:17 PM

Easter is such a joyous time for our little family: the glorious reality of the Resurrection, sweetened by memories of two years ago when Vianne Rose came into the world in the wee hours of Easter morning 2012.  Vianne was so taken with all the preparations & wonders of Easter this year and we are loving this whole holidays-through-the-eyes-of-a-child thing, which really does enliven the celebrations for us tired & jaded adults :-).  

With my mom's help the weekend before, I got Vianne's Easter dress done - with a few days to spare this year!

 On Saturday, we did a little Easter egg hunt in our backyard, which thrilled Vianne, who had picked out these sparkly eggs weeks before.

The play by play...

Easter morning, heading out for church.  Isn't she beautiful??!!  She certainly lives up to her name, which means "Alive".  She exudes more life - and more joy for life - than any being I've ever known - and, even more than birds or bunnies or lambs or flowers of spring, reminds me daily of the precious promise of new life. The day before, while eying the treats for Easter on the counter, she exclaimed, "I YUV EASTER!!" and I, humbled at witnessing that beautiful, innocent wonder, prayed in my heart to have that kind of joy for God's gifts to me, at Easter and every day.

 Spinning!  One must spin when wearing a pretty new dress!
 We enjoyed a lovely breakfast at church before the service...
...and after a joyous Easter service, we met Patrick's family back at our house.  Uncle Jon brought Vianne a surprise: her first chocolate bunny, Sweetie!
We had a delicious ham dinner with potatoes and rolls and vegetables...and took a break before dessert for presents from Granma.
Vianne helped everybody with their wrapping paper...
...and then sampled a bit of the ear of her bunny.

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