April 2014

Posted by Amy O. , Sunday, May 4, 2014 7:49 PM

The month of April felt like a marathon, by the end of which we were crawling to the finish line.  It was filled with so much fun - Vianne's birthday, Mom's visit, Easter - but we feel very ready to catch our breath.  A few snapshots to add to the other posts from this month...
 Some tablet time in V's favorite corner
 Helping Mama make cookies for her birthday party :-)

 Most of the month was spent enjoying all her new birthday gifts...

 We celebrated cousin Jake's 10th birthday at Sarah & Bill's house...

 ...and Vianne loved jumping on the trampoline with Daddy.
 Dancing with Joel
 Trying out the tent & sleeping bag to get ready for our road trip to Oregon in May.

April brought the end of Patrick's classes for Spring semester (and the end of five-day-a-week teaching for, hopefully, a long time) and the end of my two babysitting "jobs".  Vianne & I have been playing with Canyon at our house on Monday mornings for about three months now, but as his Mama's done with school for the semester, we're done watching him regularly, and we've been going to Joel & Jesse's house every Tuesday since January 2013, when V was 8 months old & the boys were 4 months old (now they're 25 months & 21 months!).  But with my burgeoning baby belly and my declining energy and ability to lift growing toddlers, I've had to let go of this responsibility (at least for the time being).  These were some cute smiles from our last full day together, at the end of the month.  We love these boys and it will feel strange not to spend our Tuesdays with them.

 And some singing videos to round out the set:  V's ABCs and a special song for baby brother.

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